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I agree with my man Adam, Camacho is indeed a ‘Paahhty Poopah’

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Me before social events

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I just feel this gem needs to be giffed

Flawlessly adorkable!!

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Favorite Albums

↳ Green Day “American Idiot” (2004)

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Shield Fandom we need to have a talk...



I’m talking about the batshit crazy “fans” who think that piece of garbage fanfic about the lickmemoxley girl was a thing of beauty. How dare you? How dare you do this to another human being? She might not be the greatest person ever, I don’t even know…

That’s fucked up. I hope the “lick me” chick is doing ok, I heard she gets a lot of hate. Some of these fangirls are a bit too thirsty.

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Solve the riddle.

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"Last week, Roddy Piper came out here and said that he had ‘laid asphalt and cut down trees’. He called the nWo a bunch of morons and ‘stupid’ and what-have-ya. Well, Piper, let me tell ya somethin’: Comin’ from a guy that if he had one less synapse fired in his brain, he’d be in a coma - I don’t think too much about that. When I came into this business seven years ago, I looked down the road that you guys paved for us; I saw nothin’ but potholes. You guys came into the business; ya strip-mined it. Ya took what you could get out of it, and ya left the young guys behind ya with nothin’!

WCW was nothin’ but a bunch of guys pushing their sons; if ya didn’t have a dad in the business, ya couldn’t even get an opportunity. Scott Hall was here - I was here. Scott Hall was ready to become a superstar; hey, I was a little green. But Scott Hall was ready to become a superstar, and you know what ya did?! He worked here a year, he proved himself; ya cut his salary. So he went elsewhere.

We went to New York. That’s right. We went to New York, and what did we find when we got there? That’s right: Stayed all night, danced a little longer, party time. When we got there, there’s wasn’t no party; just punishment for the guys tryin’ to dig the business out of the funk you guys left it in!

Where I come from, which ain’t too far from here - south side of Detroit - you don’t give respect, you don’t get respect, you better beat respect outta me, boys! It’s our turn to shine! It’s the new generation’s turn to shine! There’s some young, young lions up here and it’s time for us to get more than a nibble on the carcass, boys!

So, while you guys decide to limo-drivin’, the leer jets, the champagne, the ugly broads, me and my crew have decided we got no problem flyin’ commercial. We got no problem pilin’ three in a rented Taurus. ‘Cause what we’re gonna do, baby, is kick back, drink a little Mc-40 ounce, and try the best we can to patch the potholes that you guys have left behind!”

- Kevin Nash, Monday Nitro - April 21st, 1997.

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