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Oh, well that’s not bad at all. I’m sittin here whining cause thought he was gonna be out for like 6 months or something lol

at most he’ll probably be back at survivor series and the least is probably a week before hell in a cell

Sucks that he’s gonna be gone tho :(

First Dean and now Rome smh

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asylumbutterfly Asked: Raven is your background. I love it.

Yess! That’s my bae ;)

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Ok i saw this on facebook and now i’m pissed. 

this guys is a certified grade a number 1 ASSHOLE. 

TJ Harper Dae Barrow pussy . Stone cold worked with a broken neck . And hbk with a broken back . Wat a pussy . I bet Seth Rollins wouldn’t do that to the fans .!


UGH he really has to be speared and superman punched! WHO THE FUCK SAYS THIS SHIT?

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This shit so accurate that I’m sitting in silence

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They dead ass have a breaking news story on the WWE Network about Roman’s injury. Like straight CNN breaking news shit.

They doing too much lol


damn yall stop hes gonna come back in like…

Oh, well that’s not bad at all. I’m sittin here whining cause thought he was gonna be out for like 6 months or something lol

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The Eddie and Rey flashbacks on the ‘Top Royal Rumble Moments’ Countdown tho..

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I hate it how boys don’t think girls watch wrestling”

everyone knows girls dont watch wrestling tho sorry anon

what else would explain why im single?

Okay but should all of us girls just slap you or…

oh yeah who are your five favorite wrestlers

Past: Steve Austin, Shawn Michaels, The Undertaker, Jeff Hardy, Edge

Present: Dean Ambrose, Daniel Bryan (even though he’s been inactive for months), Rollins, Dolph and BNB…. Oh and i’ll be sure to watch NOC with you tomorrow night buddy ;)

lmao nice list of white guys in the wwe, sweetheart, very exciting

Ahh, sorry I was never a fan of Big Daddy V, The Boogeyman, Umaga or Kamala, sweetie. should I be one of Big E, Roman Reigns or Mark Henry? I mean I’m black too but everyone has opinions right?

your little girlish mind will never appreciate the intricacies of the fine art of pro wrestling sorry not sorry lmao run back home and watch your daytime soaps

This is why I don’t like guys like you… I mean yeah of course girls watch wrestling. And yeah girls actually love it. It’s what we look forward to after bad days of school or work. It’s what we watch whenever we have shitty days, it’s fun and it’s what makes us happy. I mean you have your reasons why you love pro wrestling, right? Yeah we get to watch flippy shit all night and we get hella excited and yell at the tv even though we know they can’t hear us, and of course it’s the reason why we idolize girls like Trish, Lita, Beth, Kharma, Chyna ect… They went out there kicked ass, got injured, got dirty, beat up guys and girls, used tables and ladders if they had to. Nah, Lita didn’t care about messing up her nails, she’d fight you, she’d fight me, she’d fight her own goddamn mother she didn’t give a shit. And I loved how you judged me.. daytime soaps? I only watch tv on Monday nights. Y’know most of us fangirls watch wrestling, we get inspired by it, it makes us wanna be in that ring, when I watch Taker, his entrance gives me chills and everyone just shuts up and watches him because he’s a legend. When you hear that bell you can bet your life the baddest fucker on the planet is gonna walk through those curtains. Watching all my favorites, makes me wanna do what they do, and when people doubt me it makes me wanna do it more. So you think I’ll never appreciate pro wrestling when It changed my life? Fuck no you thought wrong. Now have a fuckin’ good night, asshole.

Don’t even fight about this anymore.
You don’t need to prove you like wrestling just because certain people think you can’t because you’re a girl. There’s divas who prove girls like it. Don’t let some ignorant person mess with your moods or make you feel you have to explain yourself. Besides most audience is females. There’s no reason to give guys like that time of day, they’re not worth it.

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